• Diamondbacks are Amazing

    A female Diamondback turtle can lay fertile eggs for several years after a single mating.¬† She has the ability to store live sperm that is later used to fertilize eggs. ending upon her size, the female may lay as many as five times per year. Look out for turtles as the weather warms up, they […]

  • Food Diving

    Osprey feeds mainly on fish caught in surface water. It flies 50 to 100 feet above the water until it sees a fish, then dives with its wings swept back. Its white underside makes it difficult for fish to see it against the sky. Just before it hits the water it thrusts its feet forward […]

  • A Very Good Hunter

    Egrets do not swim and do not have webbed feet. They stalk through the shallow water of wetlands, streams, ponds and lakes in search of food. Great egrets are very good hunters, staying quite still until, with lightening-fast speed, they stab their prey with their spear-shaped bill. Their diet consists of the fish, frogs, crayfish, […]

  • Swallow Mosquito Eaters

    Swallows are very popular summer visitors to Long Island. Aside from their beauty and grace they are natural weapons in the battle against the mosquito. From the family of passerine birds, swallows are distinguished by their long pointed wings. They have small legs and feet. And, they have round heads with short bills with wide […]

  • Preserve and Protect

    Preserve and Protect our Coastal Heritage, Wildlife, and Wetlands. That is Save the Beaches mission statement. Since 1983, Save the Beaches has been involved in a variety of activities and projects including beach grass and local flora plantings, the construction of local fauna platforms (osprey nesting platforms, bat houses, swallow nesting boxes), coastal clean-ups, and […]

Beach News

Current News on the Babylon Barrier Beaches

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Dredging at Coast Guard Station


BE ON THE LOOKOUT, its TERRAPIN TIME! Turtle egg laying for next 30 days. Look out on Ocean Parkway for Turtles Crossing the Parkway. They are in search of sand to dig an area to bury their Eggs. Watch both Ways for next 30 Days on the Parkway, the turtles attempt to get to the […]

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Summer Celebration July 10th

Come on down to W. Gilgo to Celebrate Summer, our Communities and the Beach Way of Life for the Annual BBCA / STB Summer Barbecue. Sunday, July 10th at 3 pm. at the W. Gilgo Community Center. STB members enter for free, bring a guest for 5.00. Non Members pay just 10.00 or join STB […]

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June 26th, Kids Clean the Beaches

6/27 update; Yesterday’s STB Kids Clean up was a huge success. Parents and kids alike picked up garbage for about 2 hours! It certainly made an impact although far from complete. (Join our next one!) Kids, along with parents worked hard and enthusiastically cleaning up those little beaches! It was great to see the wide […]

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Cardboard Boat Regatta

We held our first annual Babylon Jr. Sr. High School Cardboard Boat Regatta at the Gilgo Beach Marina on Thursday, May 26th. Students enrolled in the district’s new STEAM and Project Based Learning Courses were invited to research, design, and engineer cardboard boats that could hold 2 passengers and sail the length of the Gilgo […]

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Lighthouse Fun for Kids! This Wednesday

Regret to report tour had to be canceled, problems at the lighthouse… Save the date, August 17th! Take your children and their friends on a Nature Walk to the Fire Island Lighthouse. Robert Moses Field 5 is where we start at 5:30 pm. Please RSVP¬† via email to info@savethebeaches.net The Nature Tour is Free to […]

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