• Great Blue Heron

    Great Blues on the Bay

    The Great Blue Heron feeds on aquatic animal life and small rodents. It doesn’t usually stalk its prey but, waits in shallow water or on land and spears it with its long bill. Locally, the Great Blues feast on the Killies and other small fish in the Great South Bay tidal wetlands. The Great Blue […]

  • King of the Bay

    Food Diving

    Osprey feeds mainly on fish caught in surface water. It flies 50 to 100 feet above the water until it sees a fish, then dives with its wings swept back. Its white underside makes it difficult for fish to see it against the sky. Just before it hits the water it thrusts its feet forward […]

  • Looking for lunch

    A Very Good Hunter

    Egrets do not swim and do not have webbed feet. They stalk through the shallow water of wetlands, streams, ponds and lakes in search of food. Great egrets are very good hunters, staying quite still until, with lightening-fast speed, they stab their prey with their spear-shaped bill. Their diet consists of the fish, frogs, crayfish, […]

  • King Gull

    Order of Chaeadriiformes

    Gulls are from the order Chaeadriiformes and the family Laridae, as are terns. Gulls, unlike terns, comprise the subfamily Larinae. All gulls are sturdy looking with long pointed wings and an almost square tail. Their feet are webbed and their bills are hooked. When landing in the water to grab food, they alight almost gently […]

  • Cormorant, a strange duck

    Fishing Machine

    This flexible-necked, goose-sized bird is a very efficient fishing machine. From the surface, it dives under water and uses its large webbed feet to paddle furiously while it uses its stiff broad tail as a rudder. It snags fish in its long slender hooked bill equipped with sharp serrated mandibles for a hold-fast grip. Because […]

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Calendar of Events – Summer of 2014
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Another Snowy Spotted

Dorian Dale snapped this picture of a Snowy Owl at West Gilgo on March 23rd.  

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Storm Drain Dangers

Storm Drains Empty into Our Bay! Nothing Should be Discharged Down a Storm Drain. They are for Storm Rain Waters Only. Storm Drains are Not Part of our Sewer System. Storm Water goes Untreated, Directly into Our Bays! Storm drains are constructed to prevent flooding  by diverting rain waters off streets into local waters. Chemicals […]

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Barrier Beach Lease History

Compiled by Madeline Fitzpatrick, Babylon Town Historian The Barrier beaches were part of the Town of Huntington 1663-1872 1663 – People were actually grazing livestock on the Barrier Island this early date. Records of Agricultural Supervisor ordered residents to stop their swine from trampling the salt meadows and enforced a forfeiture of seven shillings for […]

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$1000 Scholarship Offered

Save the Beaches is offering a $1000 scholarship to any Town of Babylon High School Senior planning to attend college in 2014. A candidate must submit a 500-750 word essay about how he/she has personally contributed to preserving and protecting the environment of the barrier beaches and/or wetlands in the Town of Babylon and what […]

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Snowy Owl at the Sore Thumb

Snowy Owl at Oak Beach

“A male snowy owl (Bubo scandiacus) was spotted in the dunes of the Sore Thumb Cove near Oak Beach after a snowstorm on January 21, 2014.  Snowy owls are large predatory birds that venture south from the Arctic Circle during winter months.  They can usually be spotted on oceanfront dunes when tundra-like conditions prevail.  Snowy […]

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Henrietta just layed some eggs!

Turtle Path thru the Dunes

NYDOT Leaves Gaps in New Beach Fence for Turtles The repaired dune systems along Ocean Parkway are now lined with beach fence gaps to allow nesting turtles access to the surrounding ecosystem. The Diamondback Terrapin, is one of the few marine turtles that is known to live most of its life in the brackish marsh […]

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