Best answer: What are the challenges to biodiversity conservation in protected areas expound on at least three examples?

What are the challenges to biodiversity conservation in protected areas?


Biological fragmentation Social fragmentation
Species and ecosystem Extinction Food insecurity
Micro-climate alterations Loss of life forms and practices
Alteration of vital cycles (land, water, air) Loss of identity
Species break-in Trust in local capacity lost

What are the challenges of protected areas?

1 illustrates the challenges facing the 8 selected protected areas. It could be observed that land conversion to agriculture, deforestation, poor funding, poaching, overgrazing, lack of equipment and poor staffing were the main challenges as identified by the respondents (Fig. 1).

What are protected areas examples?

Protected areas of India include National parks, Wildlife sanctuaries, biosphere reserves, reserved and protected forests, conservation and community reserves, communal forests, private protected areas and conservation areas.

What are the 3 main considerations of biodiversity conservation today?

The three objectives of the CBD are the conservation of biodiversity, the sustainable use of its components, and the fair and equitable sharing of the benefits arising out of the utilization of genetic resources.

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What are the challenges of environmental conservation?

They include: loss and degradation of habitat, climate change, chemical and biochemical pollution, logging and poaching, invasive species, disease, loss of plant pollinators, and many more.

What are the biggest challenges of resource conservation?

this issues and challenges include among among other things government policies and failure of conservation (as a form of land use) to to complete effectively with alternative land uses and habitat degradation and blockage of wildlife corridors, over exploitation, illegal resource extraction, wildfire,human population …

What are the drivers of conservation challenges currently faced by wildlife conservation and protected area management in Ethiopia?

Among the respondents, lack of community awareness 161 (35.0%), followed by lack of patrolling and monitoring 120(26.1%), lack of law enforcement, 95 (20.7%), issue of a boundary 30 (6.5%), and lack of security 13 (2.8%) were the main causes for properly wildlife conservation and management.

What are the major challenges of wildlife conservation in Ethiopia?

Lack of sense of ownership, limited awareness, population growth, lack of coordination, conflicts over resources, Issues of boundary/Lack of Boundary, invasive species, illegal charcoal production, climate change, and poverty are the identified challenges that are affecting the conservation and management of national …

What is meant by protected areas?

A protected area is a clearly defined geographical space, recognised, dedicated and managed, through legal or other effective means, to achieve the long term conservation of nature with associated ecosystem services and cultural values. (

What are protected areas give two examples?

Wildlife sanctuaries, National parks and Biosphere are the three types of protected area which have been earmarked for the conservation of forest and wildlife.

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What is a protected area how many types of protected areas are there give examples?

There are four categories of protected areas in India, constituted under the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972. Tiger reserves consist of areas under national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. There are 52 tiger reserves in India.

How are protected areas protected?

All Australian governments have agreed to minimum standards that protected areas must meet to be included in and managed the National Reserve System. The land must be designated a ‘protected area’ to be conserved forever, with effective legal means guaranteeing its perpetual conservation.