Can you recycle Sellotape UK?

Sellotape, or sticky tape, is non-recyclable – generally made of a type of plastic called polypropylene, and one which many people may mistakenly believe can go in their recycling bin.

How do you recycle Sellotape?

It is made from cellulose film and naturally based glue, both of which are derived from plant-based renewable sources. Box and core can be put into the recycling bin and tape can be put into industrial composting bin. Packaging, tape and inner core will then disintegrate into natural elements.

What bin does Sellotape use?


  • What? This is a soft plastic.
  • Where? This should be placed in the general waste bin.
  • Prevention Tip. Wrapping a present? Why not use ribbon or string instead – it looks pretty and can be reused over and over again.

Is Sellotape biodegradable UK?

1 Sellotape Zero Plastic is biodegradable in an industrial composting plant.

Do you need to take sellotape off cardboard before recycling?

Q. Do you need to rip the plastic bit out of a cardboard carton before recycling it? A. No, just remove the lid and put that into your regular bin.

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Can you compost Sellotape?

Though they are still relatively new, for this kind of sellotapes, you can always toss them in your recycling bin. … If, however, you are using the relatively new sellotapes made with natural and renewable materials like cellulose film, you can always toss that in your curbside compost bin.

Can you recycle cardboard with tape UK?

What should I do with parcel tape on cardboard packaging? Please remove it from boxes and parcels before placing them in your recycling bin. Dispose of the tape in your waste bin.

Why is sellotape bad?

Over time as the paper and the adhesive on the tape stay stuck together the two types of polymers will begin to interact and attach to each other. This process is called cross-linking, and this change to the chemical structure causes the sellotape to become insoluble and discolored.

Can you recycle wrapping with Sellotape?

If it stays scrunched up it can be recycled – if not, put it in the general waste bin. Remove sellotape before recycling. Consider saving your wrapping paper so that you can reuse it next year.

Can I recycle wrapping paper with sellotape on?

Household recycling collection

It’s a fiddly process but remove any sticky tape, tags or ribbons as they are not recyclable. When you’re wrapping your presents try and use as little Sellotape as you can. Don’t forget that wrapping paper tubes are made of card and can be recycled too!

How bad is tape for the environment?

Disposal and End-of-Life Sticky residues and tape left behind by adhesives on recyclable materials can hinder recycling, and burning of tapes and their adhesives can release air pollutants that are harmful to humans and the environment.

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Is all paper tape recyclable?

Paper tape is made of paper so it is completely natural, 100% recyclable and compostable. … Because of the strength of gummed paper tape much less tape needs to be used, compared with plastic film tapes.

Is there a recyclable tape?

While most packing tapes are not recyclable, such as polypropylene and PVC tape, there is one option that is: paper packing tape. … Both the paper and the water-based adhesive are recyclable, making it easy to recycle paper tape right along with your shipping boxes and other recyclable packaging materials.

Can you recycle paper with glue on it UK?

The glue on the adhesive strip can’t always be removed during the recycling process, so many centres refuse to accept them.