In which category of climate is population density the highest?

There are areas which are highly populated and areas which are sparsely populated. Comparing figures 16.8 and 16.9, it is evident that regions with the highest population density often occur in association with relatively temperate climate which is climate region C.

Which climate region of the world has the highest population density?

The tropical monsoon climate are blessed with higher population due to the positive population resource factor available in this region.

In which of the following climatic region high density of population is found?

Due to alluvial soil being present for example, the northern plains, coastal regions and also the deltaic regions of India tend to have high population densities.

How does climate relate to population density?

Increases in global temperatures have created concern about effects of climatic variability on populations, and climate has been shown to affect population dynamics in an increasing number of species. … Our results indicate that both the NAO and ENSO have affected population densities of C.

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What continent has the highest population?

When it comes to number of inhabitants per continent, Asia is the most populous continent in the world by a significant margin, with roughly 60 percent of the world’s population living there.

Which hemisphere is most populated?

Map: Where the People Are

Second, the map shows that the majority of the world’s population lives in the Northern Hemisphere–where most of the land is—and the temperate climate zone.

What does population density indicate?

In the U.S., population density is typically expressed as the number of people per square mile of land area. … In a broad sense, this number tells us how many people would live within one square mile if the U.S. population were evenly distributed across its land area.

Which among the following is densely populated area?

Answer: river valleys are most densely populated because they have fertile soil and provides a base for agricultural activities. Desert areas are least populated as they have harse conditions.

In which climatic zone is Nepal located?

The great majority of Nepal’s population occupies the tropical and subtropical climate zones.

Which region has the highest population density?

As of 2018, Asia was the most densely populated region of the world with 147 inhabitants per square kilometer, whereas Oceania’s population density was only about 4.9 inhabitants per square kilometer.

Which of the following has high density of population?

Option A – As per Census 2011, Bihar is the state which has the highest density of population. It has a population density of 1102 persons per square kilometres.

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Why density of population is high in Uttar Pradesh Bihar and Kolkata?

The states of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Kolkata have relatively high population density due to the following reasons: … the areas of these states have mostly illiterate and rural population which doesn’t really care about the family planning and follows the patriarchal system.