Question: What is the climate of tropical regions Class 7?

A climate having very high temperatures and high humidity is called tropical climate. Thus, tropical climate is very hot and humid. There is usually a lot of rain in tropical climate.

What type of climate does the tropical region have?

Tropical climate is one of the five major climate groups in the Köppen climate classification. Tropical climates are characterized by monthly average temperatures of 18 ℃ (64.4 ℉) or higher year-round and feature hot temperatures.

What is tropical rainforest for Class 7th?

Tropical forests are found in Western ghats and Assam in India, Southeast Asia, Central America and Central Africa. Because of continuous warmth and rain, this region supports wide variety of plants and animals. Climatic conditions in rainforests are highly suitable for supporting large variety of plants and animals.

How would you describe the climate in the tropical zone?

Tropical climates are characterized by predictable temperature patterns with modest seasonal variation and precipitation regimes that are much more unpredictable and highly variable from year to year (Kellman and Tackaberry, 1997). … In mountainous terrain, the daily temperature variation may be as large as 20 °C.

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What is climate for Class 7th?

Climate is the typical characteristic pattern of weather elements in a given place over a period of time. Weather conditions at a place can change over a short period of time. Climate does not change over short period of time and takes ages to change.

Which is the best climate for tropical region?

Correct option: A) Hot and humid

The climate of the rainforest is hot and humid due to high temperature and plenty of rainfall throughout the year.

What makes a tropical climate?

An area with tropical climate is one with an average temperature of above 18 degrees Celsius (64 degrees Fahrenheit) and considerable precipitation during at least part of the year. These areas are nonarid and are generally consistent with equatorial climate conditions around the world.

What is weather in science for Class 7?

Weather is defined as the atmospheric condition of any place regularly and is determined by various factors, including humidity, temperature, wind speed, etc.

What is weather Ncert?

The day- to-day condition of the atmosphere at a place with respect to the temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind- speed, etc., is called the weather at that place. The temperature, humidity, and other factors are called the elements of the weather.

Which of the two changes frequently weather or climate?

Answer: Weather changes frequently but not climate. A climate is average weather in a given area over a period of time. The weather, on the other hand, can change drastically in a matter of hours.

What is the climate zone?

Climate zones are areas with distinct climates, which occur in east-west direction around the Earth, and can be classified using different climatic parametres. … Due to temperature differences caused by the differences in radiation, recurring climatic conditions develop, such as winter and summer.

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Where is the tropical climate zones?

Right around the equator is the tropical climate zone. This zone is mostly found between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn. In some places it extends as wide as 30 degrees north and 30 degrees south latitude. Tropical climates receive a lot of sunlight and are very warm.

Is India a tropical climate?

Indias climate can be classified as a hot tropical country, except the northern states of Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir in the north and Sikkim in the northeastern hills, which have a cooler, more continental influenced climate.