Quick Answer: How do you recycle coffee pods in Australia?

Bring your used coffee capsules to the nearest Nespresso Boutique or participating collection points. Use a bulk recycling box to collect on behalf of your community or workplace. Fill your Nespresso Australia Post satchel with used capsules and return via Australia Post.

Can you put coffee pods in recycling bin?

Let’s make it clear – coffee pods can be recycled, but coffee pods cannot go in the recycling bin. Instead of treating your recyclable coffee pods like normal plastics, most of the time you need to dispose of them by mail.

How do you dispose of coffee pods?


Aluminium. You won’t find a speck of plastic in sight. That means they are fully recyclable and can go in your usual household recycling (yes, even the top lid). You may wish to brush out any residue coffee grounds beforehand.

Are coffee pods recyclable Australia?

Customers can recycle their capsules at one of the 19,000 drop-off points around Australia or return them through the post. … When buying a coffee machine that uses capsules, choose a brand that has a recycling program so that you can make sure your used capsules are turned into new products.

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What can I do with empty coffee pods?

Get all of the used coffee grounds out of the pod. While you could scoop these out over the sink or trash can, we suggest gathering the grounds together and recycling them into your compost. Recycle It! Throw our plastic filter and pod into your recyclable plastic bin.

Do you have to empty Nespresso pods before recycling?

You don’t have to empty the coffee grinds, nor do you have to rinse them out. You simply have to make recycling your pods a part of your routine. … Once you’ve filled your recycling bag, you can drop it off at your nearest Nespresso boutique, waste collection center, or partner store.

Are Vittoria coffee pods recyclable?

Are your coffee capsules recyclable? … Furthermore, the shells are made from Polypropylene #5, a plastic which is commonly recycled by most material recycling facilities in Australia*.

How bad are coffee pods for the environment?

Coffee Pod Sustainability: The Verdict

The simple answer is that due to the intensive manufacturing process and the waste left after use, most coffee pods are not environmentally-friendly.

How do you compost compostable coffee pods?

Put compostable coffee pods into your black cart as garbage. Coffee grounds inside the pod can be put in your green cart for composting.