What type of climate is Southeast Asia?

Much of Southeast Asia is within the tropical climatic zone with temperatures above 25 deg C throughout the year. The region is strongly influenced by the Asian monsoons, which bring significant amount of rainfall to parts of Southeast Asia.

Which type of climate is found mainly in the South and Southeast Asia?

Tropical monsoon climates are most found in southern Asia and West Africa. A monsoon is a wind system that reverses its direction every six months. Monsoons usually flow from sea to land in the summer, and from land to sea in the winter. Summer monsoons bring large amounts of rainfall to tropical monsoon regions.

Is Southeast Asia tropical or subtropical?

Areas that have this type of subtropical climate include Australia, Southeast Asia, and parts of South America. … Regions with this type of climate include the rim lands of the Mediterranean Sea, southwestern Australia, parts of the west coast of South America around Santiago, the coastal areas of southern North America.

What are the two major climates in Southeast Asia?

The southern-most parts of South Asia, including southern India, Sri Lanka, and southern Bangladesh, have two main climates: equatorial climate and tropical savannah.

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What type of climate does Asia have?

The climate of Asia is dry across its southwestern region, with dry across much of the interior. Some of the largest daily temperature ranges on Earth occur in the western part of Asia.

Which type of climate is found to the south?

Normally, in the northern hemisphere, the northern portions of the temperate zone feature Boreal, Continental, and Oceanic climates, while the southern portions of the temperate zone are often Mediterranean and humid subtropical climates.

Is Southeast Asia a tropical climate?

All of Southeast Asia falls within the tropical and subtropical climatic zones, and much of it receives considerable annual precipitation.

Is Southeast Asia in the tropics?

Virtually all of Southeast Asia lies between the tropics, and so there are similarities in climate as well as plant and animal life throughout the region. Temperatures are generally warm, although it is cooler in highland areas.

What is the most common climate in Southeast Asia?

In fact, tropical climates cover most of Southeast Asia and Oceania. Tropical climates fall into two categories, depending on when it rains during the year.

What is the climate experienced in South and Southeast Asia?

Northern Laos experiences a tropical climate, while the southern part of the country is subequatorial, making the weather experience wildly different across its various regions. Add to that the mountainous highlands, where additional cooling and a drop in humidity takes place no matter what the season.