Where is extreme climate found in India?

Which part of India has extreme climate?

Most of North India is thus kept warm or is only mildly chilly or cold during winter; the same thermal dam keeps most regions in India hot in summer. Climate in South India is generally hotter and more humid due to its coasts.


Alpine E (ETh)
Tropical wet A (Am)
Semi-arid B (BSh)
Arid B (BWh)

Where in India do we find extreme climate and why?

Extreme rainfall and its variability

During the southwest monsoon season (JJAS), many parts of India including the west coast of the peninsula, northeast and central region of the country receive heavy to very heavy rainfall during the active spells of the summer monsoon.

Which city is affected by extreme type of climate in India?

Churu in Rajasthan

A part of its allure stems from it being the desert capital of India, being home to the great Thar Desert. At Churu, the weather is usually hot and becomes extremely hot during intense summer months such as May and June. Churu, therefore, is amongst the few Indian cities with extreme climate.

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Which places have extreme climate?

8 destinations with the world’s most extreme climates

  • Danakil Desert, Ethiopia. The Danakil Desert is like something from a whole other planet. …
  • Death Valley, USA. …
  • Atacama Desert, Chile. …
  • Antarctica. …
  • Mawsynram, India. …
  • Hokkaido, Japan. …
  • Oymyakon, Russia. …
  • Kauai, Hawaii.

What type of climate is found in India?

Most of our India is a sub tropical country and that means very hot summers, humid rainy season and mild winters. In the hilly regions the summers are mild and the winters are cold. The monsoons affect most of India between June and August.

Where is highest rainfall in India?

Mawsynram (/ˈmɔːsɪnˌrʌm/) is a town in the East Khasi Hills district of Meghalaya state in Northeastern India, 60.9 kilometres from Shillong, the state capital. Mawsynram receives the highest rainfall in India.

Which state in India has the best climate?


Lying at an elevation of 505 meters from sea level, Hyderabad offers a particularly attractive climate through the year which mote or less remains consistent. The moderate rains bring in the respite from the heat in summers and make Hyderabad one of the best weather cities in India.

Which is the coldest place in India?

Coldest – Dras

This scenic town lies between Kargil town and Zoji La Pass, also known as the Gateway to Ladakh. Sitting at a height of 10800 ft, the average temperature recorded here is -23 degree Celsius, making it India’s coldest place, which can be visited by tourists.

Which city has extreme type of climate?

The capital experiences an extreme continental climate due to the fact that it is far away from the sea. It is one of the few cities in India where extreme heat as well as well as cold takes lives year after year. Delhi’s per capita annual income is thrice the national average and the second highest in the country.

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Which city has an extreme climate Delhi or Kolkata?

Among the four major cities Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata, the other three except Delhi experience a tropical climate whereas Delhi experiences extreme climate. Q2.

Which city has continental climate in India?

Thus the climate of Delhi in northern India is considered to be one of the continental types of the climate and thus the place has a high variation of the climatic extremes that are considered to be essential for the capital.