Which ecosystem has the higher number of species lower of species?

Species richness is greatest in tropical ecosystems. Tropical rain forests on land and coral reefs in marine systems are among the most biologically diverse ecosystems on Earth and have become the focus of popular attention.

What types of ecosystems have the highest and lowest species diversity?

1 Answer

  • Example of ecosystem with low biodiversity is definitely a desert. …
  • Example of ecosystem with high biodiversity is tropical rain forest as seen in Amazon basin of south America. …
  • In marine environment, coral reefs are example of high biodiversity aquatic ecosystems.

Which habitat has the highest number of species?

Unique Biodiversity. Eighty percent of the world’s known terrestrial plant and animal species can be found in forests, and tropical rainforests are home to more species than any other terrestrial habitat.

Which of the following has the greatest number of ecosystem?

Detailed Solution. The correct answer is Decomposers.

What species has the highest diversity?

The sponges, Poriferans, were found to have some of the greatest diversity of both body size and species, ranging from microscopic to the size of an automobile. Molluscs (snails, squid, clams, chitons), and Arthropods (crabs, insects, lobsters, copepods) also showed great diversity.

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Which ecosystem likely has the lowest species diversity?

The tundra is the biome with the least biodiversity.

Which ecosystems have high biodiversity and low biodiversity?

Estuarine areas (where rivers meet seas and oceans) have high biodiversity compared to other areas. Trophical rainforests are rich in terms of biodiversity. Arid and semiarid areas have low biodiversity. Deserts, for example, contain limited numbers of species.

Which country has the lowest biodiversity?

This is causing species around the planet to decline at a concerning speed. A new analysis looking into how much biodiversity is left in different countries around the world has shown that the UK has some of the lowest amounts of biodiversity remaining.

Which of these is the lowest level in the taxonomic classification?

The current taxonomic system now has eight levels in its hierarchy, from lowest to highest, they are: species, genus, family, order, class, phylum, kingdom, domain.

Which is more advantageous low or high biodiversity Why?

High biodiversity is advantageous over low biodiversity because ecosystems with high biodiversity are better able to remain at homeostasis and be…

Which organism has less biomass?

The trophic level that has the least biomass is usually the tertiary consumers.

Which trophic level has the least number of species?

With less energy, there are less creatures that can be supported by it, so the level with the least amount of creatures would be the tertiary consumers, while the level with the most organisms would the producers.

Which trophic level has the greatest number of organisms species?

The first trophic level contains the greatest number of organisms and is comprised mainly of plants. The organisms in this layer are called primary producers because they get their energy from an abiotic source. Most primary producers get their energy directly from the sun.

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