Why does Kochi have moderate climate?

Explanation: Water bodies exert a moderating influence on the climate of the places that are near them. Kochi lies in the southwest coast; therefore, it experiences equable climate.

What climate does Kochi have?

Kochi’s climate is generally tropical, with no harsh extremities. Under Köppen’s climate classification, the city features a tropical monsoon climate. Surface temperatures range between 20–35 °C (68–95 °F). The current record high temperature is 38 °C; the lowest is 17 °C.

Does Kochi have moderate climate?

Kochi’s climate, with no extreme extremities, is usually tropical. The city features a tropical monsoon climate under Köppen’s climate classification. Surface temperatures range from 68-95 °F (20-35 ° C). 38 °C is the current record high temperature; 17 °C is the lowest.

Why Kochi is warmer than Mumbai?

Kochi is warmer than Mumbai even though both lie on the western coast of India because the former is located close to the Equator and receives direct rays of the Sun throughout the year.

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Why Kochi has moderate climate?

Kochi is located close to the sea. Hence, it has a moderate type of climate. … It experiences a continental type of climate, where the summers are extremely hot and winters are extremely cool. Temperature decreases with an increase in altitude.

What is special about Kochi?

listen)), formerly known as Cochin, is a city in the Indian state of Kerala. … Popularly known as the Queen of Arabian Sea, the city also flaunts one of the finest natural harbours of the world and was the centre of the world spice trade for many centuries.

What is the humidity in Kochi?

The average Relative Humidity of Kochi is around 83% although it vary from around 71% during Winter (February) to 90% during the Monsoon (June). The most humid month of the year is June with humidity varies from 76.9% to 98.1%.

Why is Kochi hot?

According to the Kerala state disaster management authority (KSDMA), one of the reasons that Kochi gets high temperatures despite being a coastal area is because of the high-end construction activities across the year. KSDMA, in its state heat action plan, has indicated that tarring and interlocked tiles reflect heat.

Is Kochi hot or cold?

Summers are hot while the winters are really chilly and cold. The best time to visit Kochi is from October to March. Winter Season starts from the month of October and continues till February. The temperature remains between 17°C to 33°C and is regarded as an ideal time for honeymooning and enjoying water sports.

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Why Chennai has moderate climate?

Chennai has ‘moderate climate’ because it ‘lies on thermal equator’ and also in the ‘coastal area’. … The reason for this is to be located on Chennai’s ocean coast and on thermal equator. Weather throughout the year is generally ‘hot and humid’.

Why is Ooty cooler than Kochi?

Explanation: This is due to the hilly location of Ooty it is cooler than other cities of Tamil Nadu like Coimbatore whose location in flat. Ooty is located in the Blue Mountains (Nilgiri hills) of the Western Ghats.

Why Kochi is warmer than Lucknow in December?

Answer: Kochi has a lesser annual range of temperature than Lucknow because : Lucknow has a continental type of climate as it lies in the interiors of the country, away from the sea. Therefore, it has very high temperature in summer and low temperature in winter.

Why does Kochi has a lesser annual range of temperature than Agra?

Kochi has a lesser annual range of temperature than Agra. … Because Kochi is located on the sea coast and its temperature is modified by the land and sea breezes. Agra is away from the sea.

Why is Mumbai cooler than Nagpur?

reason it gets sea breeze during night and land breeze during the day . so Mumbai is cold during night & warm during day. Nagpur is interior of the country and in rain shadow area . this type of places are very hot (not warm ) during the day , but at night it becomes very cold .

Why Hyderabad gets less rain than Visakhapatnam?

Why Hyderabad receives less rainfall than Visakhapatnam? On the other hand,the Hyderabad recieves very less amount of rainfall because it is situated far away from any ocean and that’s why the arrival of the monsoon winds takes more time for the Hyderabad which gradually decreases the intensity of the annual rainfall.

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Which place in India receives the heaviest rainfall?

Mawsynram receives the highest rainfall in India.


Country India
State Meghalaya
District East Khasi Hills
Talukas Mawsynram C.D. Block