You asked: What are agro ecological zones of Pakistan?

These main agro-ecological zones of Pakistan are Indus Delta, Southern Irrigated Plain, Sandy Desert, Northern irrigated Plain, Barani (rainfall), Wet Mountains, Northern dry mountains, Western Dry Mountains, Dry western Plateau and Suleiman Piedmont.

What are agro-ecological zones?

An Agro-ecological Zone is a land resource mapping unit, defined in terms of climate, landform and soils, and/or land cover, and having a specific range of potentials and constraints for land use. An Agro-ecological Cell (AEC) is defined by a unique combination of landform, soil and climatic characterist.

How many zones are there in Pakistan?

Therefore the study area is divided into five zones based on geographical features (Fig. 1). Zone A: This Zone comprises of the stations having cold climate and high mountains, situated in the North of Pakistan.

How many agro-ecological zones are there?

Based on 50 years of climate data and an up-to-date soil database, the country has been divided into 20 agro-ecological zones (AEZs). Each AEZ is as uniform as possible in terms of physiography, climate, length of growing period and soil type for macrolevel land-use planning and effective transfer of technology.

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What are the 4 ecological zones?

3.4 Characteristics of global Ecological Zones

  • 1 Tropical domain. Mean temperature of all months over 18oC. …
  • 2 Subtropical domain. At least 8 months above 10oC. …
  • 3 Temperate domain. …
  • 4 Boreal domain.

What are some examples of typical ecological zones?


Ecozone Area (Mkm2) Precipitation (mm/yr)
Polar-Subpolar (ice deserts, tundra) 22.0 100–250
Boreal (lichens, coniferous forests) 19.5 250–500
Temperate Midlatitudes (woodlands, forests) 14.5 500–1000
Dry Midlatitudes (grass steppes, semideserts) 16.5 < 400

Why agro-ecological zone is important?

Soils form the second element in defining and differentiating agroecological zones as soil conditions determine important properties for plant growth, moisture supply, root aeration and nutrient supply. … The third factor is land level in relation to flooding.

What zone is Pakistan in?

Pakistan lies in the temperate zone, immediately above the tropic of cancer. The climate varies from tropical to temperate.

How many economic zones are in Pakistan?

By the end of 2016, seven SEZs got notified across Pakistan. Till FY2018, only 7 SEZs existed, while 6 of them had converted from their earlier status as Industrial estates (IEs) or Industrial Parks (IPs).

How many industrial zones are in Pakistan?

‘Most of 83 industrial zones in Pakistan remain under-utilised’

What are the three agro ecological zones?

The resulting AEZ classifications for Africa have three dimensions: major climate zone (tropics or subtropics), moisture zones (water availability) and highland/lowland (warm or cool based on elevation).

How many agro climatic zones are there in Punjab?


The State of Punjab is divided into six agro-climate regions viz., sub-mountain undulating plain region, central plain region, western plain region, western region and flood prone region.

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What are agro climatic zones describe any 4 major agro climatic zones?

Central plateau and hill region. Western plateau and hill region. Southern plateau and hill region. East coast plain and hill region.