You asked: What is the relationship among latitude altitude and climate?

Latitude is the distance north or south from the equator, and is expressed in degrees. Altitude is the height of an object above a reference point, such as sea level or the Earth’s surface. Climate varies with latitude and altitude. For example, climate gets colder as latitude and altitude increase.

What is the relationship between latitude altitude and climate?

There is a relationship between latitude and temperature around the world, as temperatures are typically warmer approaching the Equator and cooler approaching the Poles. There are variations, though, as other factors such as elevation, ocean currents, and precipitation affect climate patterns.

What is the relationship between latitude and climate quizlet?

The higher the latitude, the lower the the average yearly temperature. [Average yearly temperature is warmer at lower latitudes from higher sun angle.] The higher the latitude, the larger the yearly temperature range.

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How does latitude and altitude affect climate quizlet?

The lower the latitude, the warmer the temperatures. As latitude increases, temperature decreases. … As altitude increases, temperature decreases.

Which of the following biomes receives 200 to 450 cm of rain per year?

Environmental Chapter 6 Test

This biome receive 200-450 cm of rain per year. rain forest
Areas with greatest animal diversity would be located near the ___. equator
A forest that receives relatively little rainfall and has acidic soil would be located near the ___. Arctic Circle

What is the latitude and altitude?

Latitude refers to the distance of a location on Earth’s surface from the equator in relation to the North and South poles (e.g., Florida has a lower latitude than Maine); altitude is defined as how high a location is above sea level (think: a city in the mountains has a high altitude).

What is longitude latitude and altitude?

The identification of the position on the earth by latitude and longitude (and altitude) is used by a lot of services on WWW. … Another is a notation to identify as a set of latitude and longitude.

What is the relationship between altitude and temperature quizlet?

The higher the altitude, the lower the temperature.

What is the relationship between altitude and average temperature quizlet?

What is the relationship between altitude and average temperature? As the altitude increases the average temperature decreases.

What is the main cause of the relationship between climate and latitude quizlet?

What is the main cause of the relationship between climate and latitude? The sun’s radiation strikes regions of Earth at different angles. You just studied 41 terms!

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How does latitude affect climate factors that affect climate?

How does latitude affect climate? Places with latitudes closer to the Equator have hotter climates. Places with latitudes closer to the Poles have colder climates. … Warm currents flow towards the poles, cool, and flow back to the Equator to be warmed again.

Why do place at the same latitude but different altitudes have different climates?

Lower air pressure at higher altitudes means that the atmosphere holds in less heat, making it much colder than it would be at sea level at the same latitude. … Another factor that can affect climate regardless of latitude is ocean currents.

How does altitude affect climate patterns in?

Altitude influences air temperature (since temperatures usually decrease with height by about 6.5°C per 1000 meters or 3.6°F per 1000 ft). Higher altitude sites are generally cooler and wetter (experience more precipitation) than nearby lower elevation sites.