Coast Guard Cover Up

The Sand dredging project has reached the Coast Guard Station at the west end of Gilgo State Park and the cover up is in progress. Pictures below are from end of day Jamuary 9th and midday, January 10th.

View looking east from the entrance to Gilgo State Park.
View looking east from the entrance to Gilgo State Park at Coast Guard.
Coast Guard 1/10/19
View looking Southeast from the west side of Gilgo State Park at Coast Guard.
Looking East from the Breach at Coast Guard
Looking east at the Coast Guard Station disappearing under the dredged sand.

The slide show above shows Coast Guard Station from the morning to evening dredging operations on January 10th, 2019. The rest of the photos are of the Coast Guard Station on the 11th to the 17th of January. The pictures were taken from the top of the path to the beach at the east end of Cottage Walk.

Development West of Cedar

Its the Bergen Outfall Pipe Upgrade!

Press release from the company awarded project.

OHL USA, Inc., an OHL North America company, announces it has been awarded a $187 million joint venture contract (40% OHL USA, Inc., 40% Posillico Civil, Inc., 20% SELI Overseas USA, Inc.) by Suffolk County Department of Public Works to replace existing outfall pipe at the Bergen Point Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) in Babylon, NY. This is the largest construction project in Suffolk County in several decades and OHL’s first project on Long Island, expanding OHL’s regional presence in the New York area. Construction started on February 8th, 2018 and will be completed by summer 2021.

Just west of Cedar Beach, the staging area for the sewer pipe upgrade.
Just west of Cedar Beach, the staging area for the sewer pipe upgrade.

The project includes the construction of a ​14,200-foot, 120-inch inner diameter tunnel through a mixture of soft soil materials under the Great South Bay with the use of a tunnel boring machine (TBM). The tunnel will be constructed to replace the existing Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe (PCCP) outfall pipe, which carries millions of gallons of treated wastewater, connecting the Bergen Point Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) to the Barrier Island under the Great South Bay. The new tunnel will address the concerns of potential failure of the current pipe and has a longer lifespan.

Bergen Point Pipe Replacement Project
View looking north of the Bergen Point Pipe Replacement Project at Cedar Beach

The tunnel will be excavated and concurrently lined using precast concrete segment rings. The JV has selected a slurry TBM as the most effective and efficient means of tunnel excavation and elected to use 48-inch wide precast segment liners. The shaft construction will be divided into major work phases including site preparation, excavation of the launch shaft and installation of the new slurry TBM. Once the TBM is installed, tunnel excavation will proceed in four foot “pushes,” followed by the installation of the permanent tunnel lining. Additionally, the team will also complete ancillary work within the tunnel including the installation of new piping and valving, associated plumbing, HVAC, and electrical work.

Coast Guard Station Exposed Now in 2017

The old Coast Guard station located on the east side of Gilgo Beach Town Park and the entrance to Gilgo State Park is exposed more than it has been in the 20 years I have been coming here. Here is a link to more information about the Gilgo Coast Guard Station.

In the photo below, see the double bulkhead, a new one had been placed in front of the original, a lot of years passed for this picture to be taken.

Check out the original bulkhead that has popped out of the sand.

W of CG, the fence is caving here, it is gone on many of the dunes

Ocean water edge, Rebar from the old Coast Guard smashed and exposed. Look at the dunes in the background with their walls caving in from high tide wave action.

This area has suffered much more erosion that before the Super Storm Sandy event. This is a dangerous sign of how weak our beaches are to stand up to a hurricane this fall.

Click here for a Video of the Coast Guard Station on 7/6/17

Please Contact your government officials, here is the current list,
Urge them to fund a Beach Replenishment Project this Fall.