Poison Ivy Explosion on the Barrier Beaches

With the warm winter we just had, besides the tick alert, be very mindful of where you are walking on all of the Fire Island Beaches. Poison Ivy is popping up everywhere.

Here is a link to more information about poison ivy

Mature summer leaves with new growth out front.

All of the plant will give you a rash, not just the leaves, the Bark is loaded with the same plant oil called urushiol that coats the leaves. It is extremely stable and will stay active for many years in the right conditions.

Remember that when you take off your gloves, cloths, etc.

If you think you have come in contact with Poison Ivy, you have 20 to 30 minutes to get the oil off your skin to avoid the evil rash.

Best to use cold water, lots of it and then some soap. Or jump in the ocean or bay asap. Do not use warm /hot water as it opens the skin’s pores and provides a path for the oil to get inside of you.

Keep an eye out for this plant!


Storm Drain Dangers

Storm Drains Empty into Our Bay!

Nothing Should be Discharged Down a Storm Drain.
They are for Storm Rain Waters Only.
Storm Drains are Not Part of our Sewer System.
Storm Water goes Untreated, Directly into Our Bays!

Storm drains are constructed to prevent flooding  by diverting rain waters off streets into local waters. Chemicals that are used or disposed of improperly, frequently mix with the storm water and are transported by the same system into our local streams, lakes and bays. These chemicals can end up in the aquifer, the sources of our drinking water.