Dune Breach Close May 2018

In the last couple of months a breach of the dune line just west of Coast Guard is working its way to Ocean Parkway. As you can see, the ocean has eaten thru a major portion of the dune structure for about 50 feet of dunes.


July 9th AM HT @ Gilgo

Hight Tide at Babylon Town Gilgo Beach on July 9th.

Walked the beach on the incoming am tide which was 8:10am.
Ocean calm with light off shore wind and a little 2′ wave.

Edge of the Coast Guard Station looking west.

Looks like a little more sand came back, but can still see the high tide erosion on many of the dunes between the public Gilgo Beach and Hemlock Cove, about a 3 mile stretch.

East end of Gilgo Beach looking west, only place to sit is at the bottom of the dunes
Fence on the west side of Coast Guard 7/9

Lost a couple more posts on the west side dune of Coast Guard.

The South Shore Barrier Beaches at Gilgo need sand, call your Congressman today.

East side of Gilgo Town Beach looking west, not may places to sit.

Coast Guard Station Exposed Now in 2017

The old Coast Guard station located on the east side of Gilgo Beach Town Park and the entrance to Gilgo State Park is exposed more than it has been in the 20 years I have been coming here. Here is a link to more information about the Gilgo Coast Guard Station.

In the photo below, see the double bulkhead, a new one had been placed in front of the original, a lot of years passed for this picture to be taken.

Check out the original bulkhead that has popped out of the sand.
W of CG, the fence is caving here, it is gone on many of the dunes
Ocean water edge, Rebar from the old Coast Guard smashed and exposed. Look at the dunes in the background with their walls caving in from high tide wave action.

This area has suffered much more erosion that before the Super Storm Sandy event. This is a dangerous sign of how weak our beaches are to stand up to a hurricane this fall.

Click here for a Video of the Coast Guard Station on 7/6/17

Please Contact your government officials, here is the current list,
Urge them to fund a Beach Replenishment Project this Fall.

Local Reps meet with Gov Cuomo

Governor Cuomo Begins Work with Local Beach Representatives
to use State & Federal Disaster Aid with New York Rising Program

Local beach representatives recently began participating in the first stages of the New York Rising Community Reconstruction Program presented by Governor Cuomo’s office in an effort to begin using Federal Disaster Aid in Community Reconstruction Zones.  The program is referred to as a “bottom-up, community driven initiative that will empower localities that were severely damaged by Superstorm Sandy…” said New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo in a press release published on July 18, 2013.

The NY region that is eligible for more than 750 million dollars consists of 102 communities in total from the Long Island, NYC, and Upstate New York area.  Captree Island, Oak Beach, Oak Isles Beach Association, Oak Island, Gilgo Beach, and West Gilgo Beach will combine to represent one community reconstruction zone.

Over the next eight months, members of each zone, along with State and Federal agencies and planning consultants, will begin to formulate a plan to rebuild and protect community assets.  After the eight-month planning period, the project will move into the funding and implementation phases.

James Schappert of Oak Beach will serve as co-chair of the beach community reconstruction zone.  Additional Committee members are Dorian Dale, Cindy Dale, and Tom Cassidy of West Gilgo Beach, Mark Nuccio of Oak Island, Arnie Lanzillata of the Oak Isles Beach Association, Jed Meade of Oak Beach, and Paul McDuffy of Gilgo Beach.  Cameron Engineering and Jacobs, a planning firm, will be working with our representatives.

Additional information can be found at: