Alert, Alert! Vanishing Beaches 2017

Our beaches are in tough shape, most of the sand placed from the Sandy Dune Rebuild Project has vanished.

In fact, there are many points on the beach between  Gilgo Beach Babylon Town Park and Cedar Beach where there is less sand on the beach than before Sandy devastated the area.

I took all of these pictures at Low Tide with a calm ocean and onshore wind on June 17th, 2017.

At High Tide, the ocean is eating away at the base of the dunes for a good portion of the beach from Gilgo Beach to Hemlock Cove.

Please Contact your government officials, here is the current list, urge them to fund a beach replenishment project this fall.

Not Much Sand
Photo taken from the East side of Gilgo Beach looking West
Entrance to Gilgo Beach
Entrance to Gilgo Town Park, beach for 2 truck tracks and an umbrella, used to have room for hundreds!
Beach grass on the dunes
On a positive note, the planting on the backside of the dunes have taken and hardened the dunes as planned. Sweet!

We will be updating beach conditions weekly.

Hurricane season is coming!
Call Your Congressman today.
South Shore Barrier Beaches need Sand

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