Are there any organizations that help with climate change?

The Alliance for Climate Education (ACE) is a national leader in high school climate science education. The Water Environment Research Foundation (WERF) is an independent scientific research organization focused on wastewater and stormwater issues. …

What organizations are helping stop climate change?

Wildlife/Ecosytem Conservation

  • Audubon Society.
  • Conservation International.
  • Conservation Land Foundation.
  • Environmental Defense Fund (EDF)
  • Land Trust Alliance.
  • National Wildlife Federation (NWF)
  • Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)
  • Nature Conservancy.

What are the most effective climate change organizations?

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  • 2) Clean Air Task Force. …
  • 3) The Clean Energy Innovation program at the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation. …
  • 4) Rainforest Foundation US. …
  • 5) Sandbag. …
  • 6) Climate Emergency Fund.

Is EDF a good charity?

EDF has a B+ rating from the American Institute of Philanthropy’s CharityWatch. EDF receives high ratings from this charity watchdog organization for maximizing the performance of every donation.

What is the Greenpeace Fund?

We Are Greenpeace.

Greenpeace Fund Inc, is a separate non-profit organization set up to continue the vital work of Greenpeace by increasing public awareness through research and education. We are the leading independent environmental organization in the world, and accept no money from governments or corporations.

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Is the Nature Conservancy legit?

The Nature Conservancy is an accredited land trust. Accreditation means The Nature Conservancy meets national quality standards for protecting important natural places and working lands forever. The Nature Conservancy has demonstrated to the Land Trust Accreditation Commission its commitment to excellence.

Which environmental organization is most effective?

The 6 Best Environmental Groups to Donate to for a Better World

  • Environmental Defense Fund. …
  • The Nature Conservancy. …
  • Natural Resources Defense Council. …
  • American Rivers. …
  • Trust For Public Land. …
  • Sierra Club Foundation.

Is Earthjustice legit?

Earthjustice is a nonprofit and does not charge any of its clients for its services. … As of 2021, Earthjustice has full-time staff of about 160 attorneys in 14 offices across the United States, and 14 public-interest lobbyists based in Washington, D.C. lobbyists. They are involved in 630 active legal proceedings.

How much of my donation goes to the Environmental Defense Fund?

Program Percentage: 76%

What does Sierra Club Foundation do?

The Sierra Club Foundation promotes climate solutions, conservation, and movement building through a powerful combination of strategic philanthropy and grassroots advocacy. The Foundation is the independent fiscal sponsor of Sierra Club’s charitable environmental programs.

How is EDF rated?

EDF is rated by the 3 following rating agencies: Moody’s, Standard & Poor’s and Fitch. The ratings attributed by these agencies allow EDF to enjoy favourable conditions for access to the financial markets.