Frequent question: Can you recycle Funko POP boxes?

Remove and discard the window before recycling the cardboard box in any any residential or commercial facility. The figures and box window may be recyclable, depending on the facility. Inquire with your local waste management office regarding recycling PVC components.

How do you recycle funko boxes?

The new How2Recycle label featured on Funko’s products informs consumers that the outer cardboard box can be recycled curbside in most communities across the U.S. If the product’s packaging includes a blister window, consumers should remove the window from the cardboard box and check their local recycling guidelines to …

Are Funko POP boxes worth keeping?

Quite simply, we think it’s best to keep your Funko Pops figures in the Box if you have any inclination that you might one day sell the figure on. Additionally, if you’d like to avoid shelf ware and want to keep your collection dust-free. … However, most serious collectors do elect to retain the figure in its packaging.

Do you remove Funko Pop from box?

It is entirely up to you. Personally, we prefer to take the figures out of the box and display them like that. … Vinyl figures do not come sealed in the boxes. Therefore, you can take them out or replace the packaging as much as you like.

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What is the rarest pop funko?

Top 11 Rarest & Most Expensive Funko Pop Vinyl Figures of All…

  • Dumbo (Clown Paint) …
  • Star Wars – Darth Maul (Holographic) …
  • Stan Lee (Superhero) (Red Metallic) …
  • Freddy Funko as Count Chocula (Glow in the Dark) …
  • Game of Thrones – Freddy Funko as Jaime Lannister (Bloody) …
  • Clockwork Orange (Glow in the Dark Chase)

How many funko Pops are there 2021?

The following is a list of all October-December 2021 Funko Pop! releases. There are currently 150 Funko Pop! releases scheduled to be released between October and December.

Whats the most expensive Funko Pop?

Cost: $13,300

The most valuable Funko Pop is the glow-in-the-dark Alex DeLarge Clockwork Orange Funko.

Do they make fake funko Pops?

Counterfeits often contain different fonts on UPC codes or other text on the box. A large number of fakes will have different fonts on logos, information on the bottom of the box, and the Pop! … The fake is clearly missing both the Funko Line title and the Funko logo on the Convention Exclusive sticker.

What is the number 1 Funko Pop?

Freddy Funko is proud to represent Funko-Shop.

Product information.

Product Dimensions 6.25 x 4.5 x 3.5 inches
Manufacturer FunKo

What was the very first Funko Pop?

The first item the company ever created was the Big Boy bobblehead. Over time, this once small company became a huge obsession with collectors and pop culture enthusiasts worldwide.