How much does Russia recycle?

Every year, Russia loses two billion euros’ worth of potential revenue from recyclables and energy generation. The country’s recycling rate is four percent, compared to an EU average of 47 percent, and landfills occupy over 4 million hectares, or nearly as much land as Switzerland.

How much waste does Russia produce?

Every year, Russia generates 55-60 million tons of municipal solid waste (MSW) [1] with a per capita average reaching up to 400 kg per year.

Is recycling popular in Russia?

Russia does not have a tradition of recycling, waste separation, and/or incinerating waste. … Moreover, many of Russia’s landfills are outdated, leading to a number of challenges for the local population and the environment, such as bad smells, pollution of ground water and even release of toxic gasses.

Does Russia have recycling?

Russia does currently not have a tradition of recycling, waste separation, and/or waste incineration. Meanwhile, the exist- ing landfills are increasingly reaching their capacity limits.

What country has the highest rate of recycling?

Austria sits with the highest recycling rate out of any country in the world: 63 percent of all waste is diverted from landfills.

How many landfills are there in Russia?

In Russia there are a total of about 1000 municipal solid waste landfills, 5500 authorized landfills, and 17000 unauthorized landfills. Waste disposal sites cover 4 million hectares and grow by 10% annually. Most landfills are outdated and pose challenges to the environment and the surrounding population.

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How does Russia deal with plastic pollution?

The most common method that Russian consumers used to reduce the consumption of plastic in 2019 was to use reusable rags, sponges, and towels for cleaning at home, as per 82 percent of survey participants. Furthermore, over 60 percent of respondents drank tap water instead of buying it in bottles.

Are there any recycling programs in Moscow?

Not surprisingly, since the city of Moscow has no recycling program (despite an impending garbage crisis), they had trouble finding a recycling center that would take their paper.

Which country is worst at recycling?

Chile is the number one worst country for recycling plastic, with less than 1% of their total usage actually being recycled. Sadly, a huge 99% ends up in landfill.

What country has zero waste?

Thanks to an innovative waste-to-energy (WTE) program, Sweden was in a position where it was actually forced to import garbage from other nations. In the years since Sweden’s energy revolution has helped the nation virtually eliminate its waste while helping other trash producers rid themselves of refuse.

Which country has zero garbage?

Sweden is aiming for zero waste. This means stepping up from recycling to reusing.