What animals are at Wonders of Wildlife?

What animals Does Wonders of Wildlife have?

Located in Springfield, Mo., the Johnny Morris’ Wonders of Wildlife National Museum and Aquarium boasts 35,000 live fish, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and birds. It was created by conservationist and Bass Pro Shops founder and CEO, Johnny Morris, and opened in September.

Does Wonders of Wildlife have live animals?

Stay connected to the 35,000 live animals that call Wonders of Wildlife home with a symbolic animal adoption. In exchange for your generous support, you’ll receive a one-of-a-kind package from the Aquarium to commemorate your care.

How long does Wonders of Wildlife take?

How long does it take to see Wonders of Wildlife? Wonders of Wildlife contains over 1.5 miles of immersive exhibits and experiences. We recommend allowing 3-4 hours for the experience.

When did Wonders of Wildlife first open?

Aquarium only 29.95 adults, 19.95 children. Combo ticket 39.95 adults, 23.95 children.

Where is Wonders of Life Aquarium?

Voted “America’s Best Aquarium” and “Best New Attraction”, located conveniently in Springfield, Missouri, is an unforgettable day trip for the whole family.

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Can dogs go in Wonders of Wildlife?

Pets or service animals can trigger instincts that pose a severe risk to our keepers. For the safety of your animals, our guests, and our staff who work with wild animals directly, we do not allow pets and service animals inside the park.

How much did it cost to build wonders of wildlife?

The museum cost an estimated $290 million to build and is pushing hard with PR tactics and community-outreach initiatives to become one of the nation’s top attractions. This May, USA Today named Wonders of Wildlife America’s Best Aquarium.

Does Wonders of Wildlife offer military discount?

We offer a $2 discount for Military (active, veteran status and dependents) on-site at the ticket counters.

How big is the Wonders of Wildlife aquarium?

The 350,000 square foot facility consists of two major sections.

Wonders of Wildlife Museum & Aquarium.

Total volume of tanks More than 1.5 million US gallons (5,700 m3)
Annual visitors 1.6 Million (2018)
Website www.wondersofwildlife.org

How much does it cost to get into the aquarium in Springfield Missouri?

To view the aquarium the ticket is $29.95 and to just view the wildlife galleries the ticket is $14.95. Children under 4 are free. A combo ticket for children ages 4-11 is $23.95. For just the aquarium, the ticket is $19.95 and for just the wildlife gallery the ticket is $9.95.

Does Bass Pro Shop have an aquarium?

Each of the Bass Pro Shops retail locations feature an aquarium authentically decorated to match the local environment, and stocked with trophy fish that are native to the area.

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