What do u understand by environmental degradation?

Environmental degradation is a process through which the natural environment is compromised in some way, reducing biological diversity and the general health of the environment. This process can be entirely natural in origin, or it can be accelerated or caused by human activities.

What do you understand by environmental degradation What are the factors responsible for it class 9?

Environmental degradation is a result of the dynamic inter play of socio-economic, institutional and technological activities. Environmental changes may be driven by many factors including economic growth, population growth, urbanization, intensification of agriculture, rising energy use and transportation.

What is environmental degradation and example?

Environmental degradation are defined as actions taken by people that cause the planet Earth or its systems (air, water, etc.) to become damaged or harmed in some way. The deforestation of the rain forests is an example of environmental degradation.

What is environmental degradation one sentence?

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So any environmental degradation will have a disproportionate effect upon their livelihoods. She said rapid development resulted in environmental degradation, which included water pollution. Water pollution is the main cause of environmental degradation in the municipality.

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What causes environmental degradation?

The primary cause of environmental degradation is human disturbance. … Environmental changes are based on factors like urbanization, population and economic growth, increase in energy consumption and agricultural intensification. The degradation has adverse impacts on humans, plants, animals and micro-organisms.

What is environment degradation What are the causes for environmental degradation in India Class 12?

Air pollution, water contamination, soil erosion, deforestation and wild life extinction are some of the most pressing environmental concerns for India. But the priority issues include global warming, land degradation, ozone depletion and management of fresh water.

How important is environmental degradation?

Over consumption of natural resources results in environmental degradation, reducing the effectiveness of essential ecosystem services, such as the mitigation of floods and landslides. This leads to increased risk from disasters, and in turn, natural hazards can further degrade the environment.

What is environmental degradation give few examples Class 10?

Environmental degradation defined as the decay of the environmental system due to human interference. Explanation: … The reason for environmental degradation is overpopulation, plastic pollution, deforestation, illegal dumping, etc. The degradation results in the form of acid rain, floods, landslides, soil erosion, etc.

What are the types of environmental degradation?

The five most common forms of environmental degradation [are]: deforestation, rising sea levels, desertification and drought, land degradation, and finally, water and air degradation.

What is environmental degradation PDF?

The environmental degradation is the deterioration of the environment through depletion of resources which includes all the biotic and abiotic element that form our surrounding that is air, water, soil, pant animals, and all other living and non-living element of the planet of earth.

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What are two environmental degradation examples?

Solar radiation, air components, climate, and air pollution are just some of the physicochemical attributes that can define an environment.

What is environmental degradation PPT?

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What do you mean by degraded?

verb (used with object), de·grad·ed, de·grad·ing. to lower in dignity or estimation; bring into contempt: He felt they were degrading him by making him report to the supervisor. to lower in character or quality; debase.