What does Ireland do with its recycling?

What happens Irish recycling?

Analysis: We leave out one million tonnes of packaging waste a year in Ireland for collection – so where does it all go? We bring our glass to bottle banks and separate out our recycling into the green bins before placing them on the kerbside for collection. …

How much recycling actually gets recycled in Ireland?

About 229kg of waste packaging was generated per person in 2019, including 96kg of paper and cardboard, 65kg of plastic, 33kg of glass, 19kg of wood and 13kg of metal packaging per person, according to the data. Of overall waste packaging, 62% was recycled.

Where does Ireland’s plastic waste go?

Our rubbish – When plastic waste is collected and transported to landfill sites, it is at risk of escaping into the environment. Even when it moves to landfills, plastic risks being blown away and ending up in rivers or oceans.

What does Ireland do with waste?

In 2020, Ireland had three landfills accepting municipal waste for disposal in Ireland and two municipal waste incinerators accepting municipal waste for energy recovery while three cement kilns are authorised to accept solid recovered fuel (SRF) for co-incineration as an alternative to fossil fuels.

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How much waste does Ireland produce?

People living in Ireland produce more than 14 million tonnes of waste every year. We do this in our homes, our places of work and leisure.

How many landfills are in Ireland?

In 2011, Ireland had 127 working landfill sites. Now there are just four, with two taking the bulk of the country’s waste.

Is Ireland recycling effectively?

Ireland surpassed all of its EU recycling and recovery targets in 2019, achieving a total provisional forecast recovery rate of 96% and a recycling rate of 67.5% subject to EPA verification in due course.

What happens to food waste in Ireland?

Food waste can be composted into a very useful fertiliser for soil conditioning and land reclamation. Food waste can also be processed into a bio-gas – this can be used to generate electricity. See our video below. Using Clean Ireland Recycling’s brown bin service reduces your carbon footprint and saves you money.

How much waste goes to landfill in Ireland?

Ireland’s landfill rate for municipal waste dropped to just 14% in 2018, down significantly from 23% in 2017 and reflecting a continuing steep decline from 62% in 2008 (Figure 2).

Does my recycling actually get recycled?

This will likely come as no surprise to longtime readers, but according to National Geographic, an astonishing 91 percent of plastic doesn’t actually get recycled. This means that only around 9 percent is being recycled.

How does Ireland recycle plastic?

Soft plastics, such as wrappers and plastic bags, have been added to the household recycling list due to advancements in technology at Irish recycling facilities. … Householders can now place all plastic packaging waste, including soft plastic, into the recycling bin once it is clean, dry and loose.

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Where does Irelands waste go?

Mindy O’Brien of the environmental group Voice Ireland says: “We are now putting much less rubbish in landfill and that is a good thing, but there is now a huge amount of plastic going for incineration, either at plants such as the incinerator at Ringsend, or in cement plants.