What factors cause variations in climate and vegetation in Canada quizlet?

What factors cause variation in climate and vegetation in Canada?

Ocean currents and the upper level jet stream steer weather patterns towards the Pacific Coast bringing cool summers and warm, humid winters along the coast. Altitude plays a key factor in climate variance in Canada.

What are two factors that cause variations in climate and vegetation in the United States *?

Combined effects of latitude, elevation, ocean currents, and rainfall.

How is Canada’s economy affected by its climate and vegetation?

How is Canada’s economy affected by its climate and vegetation? It is mainly affected by crop growth because the climate is very harsh in some parts of Canada that they have very scarce farms in each state, therefore importing crops from other countries, which benefits the other countries economy and not Canada’s.

What factors led to the decline of the native populations of Canada?

The Aboriginal population of Canada continued to decline until the early 20th century. This dramatic population decline is attributed to disease, starvation and warfare directly stemming from European settlement and practices (see Indigenous People, Health; Indigenous-European Relations; Smallpox; Tuberculosis).

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What are the main causes of the variation in vegetation?

Topography and climate are regarded as the main factors that control the changes made in vegetation, soil, and precipitation, especially in hillsides by influencing the precipitation and the runoff (Bachmair and Weiler 2012).

What factors cause great variations in climate and vegetation?

The climate of any particular place is influenced by a host of interacting factors. These include latitude, elevation, nearby water, ocean currents, topography, vegetation, and prevailing winds.

What are factors that cause variations in climate?

Geological records show that there have been a number of large variations in the Earth’s climate. These have been caused by many natural factors, including changes in the sun, emissions from volcanoes, variations in Earth’s orbit and levels of carbon dioxide (CO2).

What factors cause variations in climate in the United States?

The factors that influence climate are:

  • pressure and wind.
  • ocean currents.
  • mountain barriers.
  • latitude.
  • altitude.
  • land and water distribution [how close to or far from a large body of water]
  • storms.

What factors influence population patterns in the United States?

The main factors determining population distribution are : climate, landforms, topography, soil, energy and mineral resources, accessibility like distance from sea coast, natural harbours, navigable rivers or canals, cultural factors, political boundaries, controls on migration and trade, government policies, types of …

What factors affect climate in Canada?

LOWERN is an acronym for 6 factors that affect climate.

  • Latitude. It depends on how close or how far it is to the equator. …
  • Ocean currents. Certain ocean currents have different temperatures. …
  • Wind and air masses. Heated ground causes air to rise which results in lower air pressure. …
  • Elevation. …
  • Relief.
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What causes climate change Canada?

Human activity is the main cause of climate change. People burn fossil fuels and convert land from forests to agriculture. Since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, people have burned more and more fossil fuels and changed vast areas of land from forests to farmland.

How will climate change affect Canada’s climate soil and vegetation?

A changing climate will affect Canada’s forests in a range of complex ways. Some effects will be sudden and dramatic and others will be gradual and subtle. Rapid climate change will affect tree growth rates, mortality rates, disturbance patterns and the distribution of tree species after disturbances.