What is the biodiversity of Asia?

The Asia Pacific region is exceptionally rich in biodiversity. The tropical forests of South East Asia, the reefs of the ‘coral triangle’, the temperate forests and the large river basins found in the region are among the most unique on Earth. However, biodiversity in the Asia Pacific region is in fast decline.

What is Asia’s ecosystem?

Examples of the forest ecosystems of Asia are the Annamite Range Moist Forests, Northern Indochina Subtropical Moist Forests, and the Tenasserim Moist Forests. Coral Reefs and Mangroves: The seas of Southeast Asia retain 9 million kilometers squared, which is equivalent to 2.5% of the earth’s ocean surface.

Whats is biodiversity?

Biodiversity is all the different kinds of life you’ll find in one area—the variety of animals, plants, fungi, and even microorganisms like bacteria that make up our natural world. Each of these species and organisms work together in ecosystems, like an intricate web, to maintain balance and support life.

Where in the world is biodiversity highest?

Brazil is the Earth’s biodiversity champion. Between the Amazon rainforest and Mata Atlantica forest, the woody savanna-like cerrado, the massive inland swamp known as the Pantanal, and a range of other terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, Brazil leads the world in plant and amphibian species counts.

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What is an example of a biodiversity hotspot?

The Andes Mountains Tropical Hotspot is the world’s most diverse hotspot. About one-sixth of all plant species in the world live in this region. The New Zealand archipelago is another hotspot. Life on New Zealand evolved in isolation, so the islands contain many species not found anywhere else.

How many hotspots are there in Asia?

A biodiversity hotspot is an area hosting an exceptional diversity of flora and fauna including many endemic species that are at threat from habitat destruction and other anthropogenic pressures. The Southeast Asia and Asia-Pacific region hosts nine biodiversity hotspots.

How many ecosystems does Asia have?

Identifies eight biogeographical realms. The Indo-Malayan realm has been categorized into twenty-eight ecosystems of which fourteen are in South Asia, including oceanic islands.

What forest is in Asia?

Most tropical rainforest in Asia is found in Indonesia (on scattered islands), the Malay peninsula (Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar), and Laos and Cambodia. Forest once covered a much greater area in Asia, but logging and clearing of forests for agriculture has destroyed much of the region’s rainforests.

Why does Asia have deforestation?

along with pollution, invasive species, overhunting and overfishing and, increasingly climate change.” According to the WWF report, the most important drivers of the losses of wildlife over the last several decades have been the conversion of forests, grasslands, and mangroves into agricultural systems.

What is biodiversity with example?

Biodiversity is the variety of life. … Most people recognize biodiversity by species—a group of individual living organisms that can interbreed. Examples of species include blue whales, white-tailed deer, white pine trees, sunflowers, and microscopic bacteria that can’t even be seen by the naked eye.

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What are the 3 types of biodiversity?

Usually three levels of biodiversity are discussed—genetic, species, and ecosystem diversity.

What are the 4 types of biodiversity?

Four Types of Biodiversity

  • Species Diversity. Every ecosystem contains a unique collection of species, all interacting with each other. …
  • Genetic Diversity. Genetic diversity describes how closely related the members of one species are in a given ecosystem. …
  • Ecosystem Diversity. …
  • Functional Diversity.

Which country has the highest biodiversity in Asia?

In Asia, the countries with the greatest biodiversity are China, India, Indonesia, Philippines and Malaysia. South Africa, Madagascar and the Democratic Republic of Congo are the most biodiverse nations of the African continent.


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Which country has the lowest biodiversity?

This is causing species around the planet to decline at a concerning speed. A new analysis looking into how much biodiversity is left in different countries around the world has shown that the UK has some of the lowest amounts of biodiversity remaining.

Which region has greatest diversity?

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