What is the job outlook for climate change analyst?

There are currently an estimated 89,500 climate change analysts in the United States. The climate change analyst job market is expected to grow by 11.1% between 2016 and 2026.

How much does a climate change analyst make?

Salary Ranges for Climate Change Analysts

The salaries of Climate Change Analysts in the US range from $40,350 to $118,070 , with a median salary of $67,460 . The middle 60% of Climate Change Analysts makes $67,460, with the top 80% making $118,070.

How do I become a climate change analyst?

At minimum, a bachelor’s degree in a scientific field is required to enter the climate change analyst career track. Strong job candidates usually hold a bachelor’s degree in environmental science, or a related field, with an emphasis on understanding weather or the environment, and resource conservation.

Where would a climate change analyst work?

Agencies like National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the Department of Defense often hire people with an understanding of climatology. There are also non-profits and some corporations that use climate change analysts.

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What does a climate change policy analyst do?

What they do: Research and analyze policy developments related to climate change. Make climate-related recommendations for actions such as legislation, awareness campaigns, or fundraising approaches. … Provide analytical support for policy briefs related to renewable energy, energy efficiency, or climate change.

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31 of the happiest jobs

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  • Ultrasonographer.
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  • Heavy equipment operator.

How do I become a climate change expert?

Education & Experience Requirements:

  1. Masters or post-graduate degree and 2+ years working extensively on climate change, sustainability or related initiatives* …
  2. Four-year degree and 4+ years working extensively on climate change, sustainability or related initiatives.

What degree do you need to study climate change?

As Earth specialists, geoscientists play a large role in stopping climate change. These professionals study all of the different elements of Earth, as well as natural resources. You’ll need a bachelor’s degree, usually in geoscience or environmental science, though many geoscientists have master’s degrees as well.

What are the four major areas that make up data that a climate change analyst works with?

Top Climate Change Analyst Employers

Rank Company Zippia Score
2 2.Atkins 4.7
3 3.AXA 4.8
4 4.Ernst & Young 4.9
5 5.International Paper 4.8

How do I get a job in climate change research?

Entry level climatology positions will require a bachelor’s degree in climatology or a related field such as meteorology or atmospheric science. For research and academic positions, a Master’s or PhD will be required.

Who is a sustainability analyst?

A Sustainability Analyst uses a variety of research methods to analyze, report, and provide recommendations for corporate sustainability projects and programs. Stays abreast of trends in renewable resources, sustainable work processes, and environmental science.

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What is an environmental analyst?

Environmental analysts are responsible for studying and examining human effects and impacts on various aspects of the planet, such as air, water, soil, and food, in order to preserve and keep them safe.

What kind of scientists study climate?

Scientists who specialize in this field are called climatologists. The first studies of climate can be traced back to ancient Greece, but climate science as it is now known did not emerge until the advent of the industrial age in the nineteenth century.