What kind of ecosystem is known as sustainable Mcq?

A sustainable ecosystem consists of various habitats and biological surroundings. Explanation: A sustainable ecosystem can be defined as a biological environment.

What are some examples of sustainable ecosystem?

Long-lived and healthy wetlands and forests are examples of sustainable biological systems. Invisible chemical cycles redistribute water, oxygen, nitrogen and carbon through the world’s living and non-living systems, and have sustained life since the beginning of time.

What is an ecosystem multiple choice?

ANSWER: An ecosystem is a collection of all the organisms that live in a particular. place, together with their nonliving, or physical, environment. A food web represents relationships among all the organisms and their environment.

How many types of ecosystems are there Mcq?

There are two types of ecosystem, Terrestrial Ecosystem, Aquatic Ecosystem.

What is a sustainable ecosystem?

Sustainability of an ecosystem is the ability of that ecosystem to maintain its structure and function over time in the face of external stress. … For an ecosystem, sustainability means maintaining ecological processes over long periods of time.

What is the meaning of sustainable ecosystem?

Explanation: If an ecosystem is able to maintain its full functions and properties even though it is harvested, it is called a sustainable ecosystem. … Dealing with domestic, industrial, and agricultural waste is a growing environmental issue with implications for ecosystems and human health.

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What are types of ecosystem?

The different types of the ecosystem include:

  • Terrestrial ecosystem.
  • Forest ecosystem.
  • Grassland ecosystem.
  • Desert ecosystem.
  • Tundra ecosystem.
  • Freshwater ecosystem.
  • Marine ecosystem.

Which of the following is an example of ecosystem diversity Mcq?

Which of the following is an example of ecosystem diversity? Explanation: River ecosystem is an example of Ecosystem diversity.

Is Decomposer in ecosystem Mcq?

Decomposers convert the organic matter present in the bodies of dead organisms into inorganic forms and mix them with the soil.

What is needed for a sustainable ecosystem?

There are three main components required for sustainability in an ecosystem: Energy availability – light from the sun provides the initial energy source for almost all communities. Nutrient availability – saprotrophic decomposers ensure the constant recycling of inorganic nutrients within an environment.

What is true of ecosystem Mcq?

The organisms in an ecosystem are classified into 3 main categories-producers, consumers and decomposers. The consumers utilize materials and energy stored by the producers. … In a true ecosystem, producers are more than consumers (herbivores and carnivores).

Which of the following is biotic factor of ecosystem Mcq?

The biotic factors include the living organisms like plants, animals, humans, microorganisms, worms etc.