What may be some consequences if decomposers and detritivores disappeared or were reduced in number from ecological communities?

If decomposers disappeared from a forest ecosystem, wastes as well as the remains of the dead organisms would pile up, and producers (plants) would not have enough nutrients.

What would happen if decomposers and Detritivores were removed from an ecosystem?

If decomposers were removed from a food chain, there would be a break down in the flow of matter and energy. Waste and dead organisms would pile up. Producers would not have enough nutrients because, within the waste and dead organisms, nutrients would not be released back into the ecosystem.

What would happen if there were no Detritivores?

Wastes and the remains of dead organisms would pile up and the nutrients within the waste and dead organisms would not be released back into the ecosystem. Producers would not have enough nutrients.

What would be the consequence if decomposers are absent?

In the absence of decomposers, the dead bodies of plants and animals would keep lying as such and the elements of plant and animal bodies would never be returned to their original pool like soil, air and water. The cycling process of life and death would be disrupted.

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What would happen if there were no decomposers in the carbon cycle?

When these organisms die, the carbon remains locked in their bodies. Decomposers are able to break down this material and release carbon back into the atmosphere and the cycle can begin again. Without decomposers, the carbon would remain locked in dead organisms and could only be released through combustion.

What would happen to an ecosystem if the producers disappeared?

The removal of the producers would cause the collapse of the entire food web. Primary consumers or herbivores, which feed on producers directly, would die off. … However, even these dead organisms would run out and the entire food web would collapse.

What might happen if there were no abiotic elements in an ecosystem?

No matter what its size, each abiotic factor plays an important role in an ecosystem. If one factor is removed or changed, it can affect the entire ecosystem and all of the organisms that live there.

What will happen in the absence of decomposers Class 10?

Decomposers break down the dead remains of plants and animals and release the nutrients such as carbon, nitrogen etc. … In the absence of decomposers in the environment, this breakdown will not occur and hence, the nutrients will not be released. Due to this, plants will not get sufficient nutrients.