You asked: Are terrestrial ecosystems more productive than aquatic?

Are terrestrial or aquatic ecosystems more efficient?

Generally, the marine ecosystems are biologically more diversified than their equivalent terrestrial ecosystems.

Are terrestrial ecosystems highly productive?

Tropical forests tend to be much more productive than other terrestrial ecosystems, with temperate forests, tropical savannah, croplands, and boreal forests all exhibiting middle levels of primary production (Table 1).

What is difference between aquatic and terrestrial ecosystem?

Terrestrial ecosystems are ecosystems found only in land; these include tropical rainforests, deserts, grasslands, deciduous forests, tundra, and taiga. Aquatic ecosystems are ecosystems found in bodies of water; these include lakes, rivers, ponds, wetlands, oceans, and seas.

What are the most productive terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems?

The highest net primary productivity in terrestrial environments occurs in swamps and marshes and tropical rainforests; the lowest occurs in deserts. In aquatic…

Why are terrestrial ecosystems more diverse?

Terrestrial environments are generally far more physically complex, largely because of habitat provided by plants, both above and below ground. … This, in turn, provides far more habitat diversity over smaller spatial scales than exists in most marine environments.

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Why aquatic plants and animals hold a greater productive potential to be culture than terrestrial plants and animals?

Ways that aquatic plants and animals hold a greater productive potential than terrestrial plants and animals. Body temperature about the same as their environment (ectotherms). Body density similar to habitat. … Aquatic organisms are more efficient at feed conversion than terrestrial animals.

What ecosystems are the most productive?

The world’s ecosystems vary tremendously in productivity, as illustrated in the following figures. In terms of NPP per unit area, the most productive systems are estuaries, swamps and marshes, tropical rain forests, and temperate rain forests (see Figure 4).

Which of the following terrestrial ecosystems is most productive?

Tropical rain forests, with their warm, wet conditions, are the most productive of all terrestrial ecosystems.

What are the two most productive aquatic ecosystems?

List two of the most productive ecosystems or aquatic life zones and two of the least productive. The two most productive are estuaries, swamps and marshes, and tropical rain forests. The two least productive are open ocean, tundra, and desert.

What are the similar characteristic between terrestrial and aquatic plants?

There are many similarities between aquatic and terrestrial plants. Both varieties of the plant are green, with leaves, roots and the ability to flower. Land plants are typically taller than wide and have a branched root system.

Is there a relationship between aquatic and terrestrial ecosystem?

Abstract. The gravitational movement of materials in drainage waters from terrestrial ecosystems to aquatic ecosystems is the major land-water linkage in the biosphere. … A holistic view of these land-air-water interactions is required for intelligent management of landscapes.

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