You asked: Is AP Environmental Science exam hard Reddit?

Is AP Environmental Science exam hard?

The statistics suggest that AP® Environmental Science is indeed challenging, which is to be expected of a college level course. However, much like any other course, preparation is key. By preparing and practicing for the APES exam, you set yourself up to be part of the 48% of test takers that pass the exam.

Is the AP Environmental Science exam hard Reddit?

APES is fairly easy, although don’t let that trick you into underestimating it. A lot of people get 2s in APES because they’ve heard it’s easy and take the test without trying or preparing. If you did well in bio, you’ll do well in apes.

Is AP Environmental Science an easy A?

It might comfort you to know that the course material for AP Environmental Science is not considered to be especially difficult. In fact, AP Environmental Science has gained something of a reputation as being one of the easier AP courses.

Is AP Environmental useless?

It’s not useless or a negative but the college is going to care a lot more about how you do in chemistry/physics than in environmental science.

Do colleges look down on AP Environmental Science?

Taking AP Environmental Science and doing poorly in the class and on the exam will not impress any colleges or earn you any college credit, so definitely try to avoid these scenarios! Looking for help studying for your AP exam?

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What is the easiest AP exam?

The five easiest exams for self-study are as follows:

AP Environmental Science. AP Human Geography. AP Psychology. AP US Government and Politics. AP Comparative Government and Politics.

Are apes easy?

The difficulty of the course material is subjective, and you won’t get the same answer from everyone. However, if APES is your first AP science course (or your first AP course ever), you might find it to be more difficult. But, APES is generally an approachable and reasonable course!

Are environmental systems hard?

Environmental science is a fairly hard subject. In Environmental science, you have to learn about physics, chemistry, geology, biology, atmospheric science and mathematics all at the same time. … Since it is a highly interdisciplinary field, you can only learn so much about the various disciplines in your university.

Is AP Environmental science harder than AP biology?

AP Bio is regarded as difficult whereas AP Environmental is usually considered very easy. However, colleges know this and often consider AP Environmental as a course that’s just used to make yourself look better with more APs.

Is environmental science major hard?

Environmental science is commonly thought of as one of the easier science degrees to obtain. … Despite environmental science’s reputation, it’s still a comparatively challenging major that requires an understanding of core sciences such as chemistry, physics, biology, and geology, as well as scientific methodology.