What are the various programs of environmental education?

What are the programs of environmental education?

Environmental Educational Programmes:

  • Environmental Studies: It is concerned with environmental disturbances and minimisation of their impacts through changes in social sciences.
  • Environmental Science: …
  • Environmental Engineering:

What are the various models and approaches of environmental education?

Seven approaches are briefly described: EE and the schoolyard; place-based education; the Projects curricula (PLT, WILD, and WET) and Population Connection; science and EE in nature centers, zoos, and museums; investigating and evaluating environmental issues and actions; action research and EE; and the Science- …

What are environmental awareness Programmes?

The environment awareness program supports the overall objective of shielding the environment from anthropogenic activities. It is conveyed in many ways. Energy Management- Firstly, This program seeks to reduce energy consumption in the office, laboratory, and outdoor operations.

What are the 3 importance of environmental education?

EE helps students understand how their decisions and actions affect the environment, builds knowledge and skills necessary to address complex environmental issues, as well as ways we can take action to keep our environment healthy and sustainable for the future.

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What are the 5 objectives of environmental education?

Objectives of Environmental Education:

  • The following are the objectives of environmental education:
  • Awareness:
  • Knowledge:
  • Attitudes:
  • Skills and Capacity Building:
  • Participation:
  • There are four areas of decision making:
  • UNESCO has highlighted the following aims of environmental education:

What is the important of environmental education?

Environmental Education imparts knowledge about the current situation and future prospects of nature. It teaches people to explore all the problems related to environment, and engage in wise ways of preserving it. … Education is the only way to make the best minds work productively.

What are the three approaches to environmental education?

Abstract. A discussion of three approaches to education (transmission, transaction, and transformation) and their implications for environmental education.

What are the strategies of environmental education?


  • Maximize the scope of EE with state-of-the-art thinking, developments, innovations and perspectives in the areas of Environment and Sustainable Development.
  • Focus on capacity-building activities in programs and projects.

What are the goals and objectives of environmental education?

The goal of environmental education is to develop a world population that is aware of, and concerned about, the environmental and its associated problems, and which has the knowledge, skills, attitudes, motivations and commitment to work individually and collectively towards solutions of current problems and the …

What is the purpose of an environmental Programme?

Environmental programs conduct research and evaluate the toxic properties of environmental chemicals, conduct risk assessments, and support or develop related chemical regulations.

What is the role of teacher in environmental education?

Environmental education enables one to maintain his life. … A teacher therefore plays an important role in providing environmental awareness and developing a positive attitude towards environment among students by shaping cognitive, affective and psychomotor or the cognitive domains simultaneously.

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What is the meaning of environmental education?

Environmental education is a process that allows individuals to explore environmental issues, engage in problem solving, and take action to improve the environment. As a result, individuals develop a deeper understanding of environmental issues and have the skills to make informed and responsible decisions.