Where is the coolest climate in Costa Rica?

Even with their close proximity we find varying weather patterns, part of what makes Costa Rica one of the more unique countries. The best weather in the country is said to be in the central valley of San José, there is a breeze and the temperatures generally averages about 72° Fahrenheit (22° Celsius).

Where is the coldest place in Costa Rica?

The lowest temperature ever recorded in Costa Rica is -8.9°C (16°F). This temperature record was set in Cerro Chirripo, which is the highest mountain in the country.

Where is the driest climate in Costa Rica?

Guanacaste Province, which is located in Costa Rica’s north Pacific, is the country’s driest region. Humidity levels range from 61-87%, and this region receives less annual rainfall than the rest of the country.

What is the driest city in Costa Rica?

The ocean air is pushed up the coast, and its moisture is trapped by the peaks. By the time it reaches the northern half of the country, it is entirely dry, and as a result, Guanacaste is the driest part of Costa Rica.

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Where is the sunniest place in Costa Rica?

In fact, if you are looking for a warm climate, head to Costa Rica’s northern Pacific coast. Known as the Gold Coast, this area receives the least rainfall and has more sunny days than anywhere else in the country.

Which side of Costa Rica is warmer?

Costa Rica’s northern Pacific coast, near the border with Nicaragua, is popular for those seeking a beach lifestyle and warm climate. This region receives the least rainfall and has more sunny days than anywhere else in the country.

Where is the best weather in Costa Rica?

On the other hand, residents of Atenas, Costa Rica believe their town has the best temperatures during the whole year. Actually, they are convinced, theirs is the world’s best climate.

Where does it rain the least in Costa Rica?

Guanacaste Province is the driest part of the country and has the shortest rainy season. If you visit Guanacaste in May, it still might not have had its first rain of the season. Rainforest zones like the Southern Pacific Coast and the Osa Peninsula have the longest rainy season and get the most rain.

Where is it cooler in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is a tropical country with two distinct seasons—dry and wet. However, within these seasons and in different parts of the country there is lots of variation. The Guanacaste region is the driest, while the highlands are generally colder and misty.

Where does it rain a lot in Costa Rica?

This is a good time to visit northwest Costa Rica (Tamarindo, Nosara, Santa Teresa), the Central Pacific (Manuel Antonio, Uvita), and the mountains (Monteverde, Arenal). In the South Pacific (Drake Bay, Corcovado), heavy afternoon rains are common starting in early May.

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What is the rainy season like in Costa Rica?

Generally, the rainy season lasts from May to mid-November in most of the country, with notable exceptions on the Caribbean coast. Costa Ricans call this wet time of year their winter. The dry season, considered summer by Costa Ricans, is from mid-November to April.

What is the coldest month in Costa Rica?

January is usually the coldest month of the year in Costa Rica, with average temperatures in the 16.1°C (61°F) to 25.6°C (78.1°F) range.

Is Costa Rica always humid?

Hottest and driest months are March and April, temperatures can reach 100 F (38 C). Rainiest months are September and October. Gets very humid in rainy season. The Guanacaste province, especially the North Pacific, tends to have a longer dry season.