Which of the following city enjoys an equable climate * Patna Chandigarh Goa Kanpur?

Which of the following city enjoys an equable climate Patna Chandigarh Goa Kanpur?

Jammu stays cold most of the time of the year and thus the temperature in Jammu is said to be equable.

Which of the following city enjoys an equable climate?

Kochi lies in the southwest coast; therefore, it experiences equable climate.

Which city in India enjoys equable climate?

Four cities in India experiencing equable climate are: Kolkata, Mumbai, Puri and Goa.

Which place has an equable climate?

This type of climate is usually found near the sea or coastal areas. The equable climate has a mean annual temperature of 14°C. In India, the equable climate can be found in Mumbai, Chennai, Mangalore, Goa, Kerala.

Which cities enjoys equable climate a Chandigarh B Jammu c Bhopal D Kochi?

Answer: d) Kochi is the answer. Explanation: Kochi lies in the southwest coast; therefore it experiences equable climate.

Does Chandigarh have equable climate?

During the cold weather season, the Northern Plains have a very low temperature. But at the same time, south India has equable climate. … Explanation: From September to November, monsoon winds start retreating.

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What is equable climate?

Equable climates are periods of roughly equal temperatures throughout the world. A more detailed description focuses on the equator to pole temperature difference (EPTD) and the seasonality in the high-latitudes, or regions that are above 60°N or below 60°S.

Which of the following city has moderate climate a Bhopal B Bengalore C Chennai D Delhi?

Answer:- Bhopal has a moderate climate.

Why do the coastal areas enjoy equable climate?

coastal areas enjoy equable climate because of the occurance of sea breeze and also due the high specific heat capacity of water , it absorbs the heat over ther land without itself becoming so hot ,and thus , keeping the land cool and moderate .

Does Odisha have equable climate?

In india, equable climate can be found in Mumbai and Orissa.

What type of climate does India enjoy?

Most of our India is a sub tropical country and that means very hot summers, humid rainy season and mild winters. In the hilly regions the summers are mild and the winters are cold.

What is the climate of India Class 6?

Explanation: India experiences tropical monsoon type of climate. It has distinct hot and cold weather seasons. The monsoon season starts roughly from May.