You asked: What are waste disposal facilities on land called quizlet?

What are Solid Waste Landfills? (sanitary landfills) are disposal sites for non-hazardous solid wastes spread in layers, compacted to the smallest practical volume, and covered by material applied at the end of each operating day.

What is waste disposal quizlet?

The burning of solid waste. Recycling. Reclaiming raw materials and reusing them to create new products. Hazardous waste. Any material that can be harmful to human health or the eviroment if it is not properly disposed of.

What is a landfill quizlet?

Landfill. • physical facility for disposal of residual solid wastes in surface soils of earth.

What happens to waste in the geologic disposal strategy quizlet?

What happens to waste in the geologic disposal strategy? Waste is injected or placed in natural formations beneath Earth’s surface. Which strategy is required to burn waste for energy recovery? Malaria is often controlled with the use of DDT.

What are three methods for the disposal of solid waste quizlet?

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  • Sanitary Landfill. – Clay and plastic liners to trap liquids (rain) from seeping through. …
  • Sanitary Landfills Pros. – Trash is buried and hidden. …
  • Sanitary Landfill Cons. – Liners may leak. …
  • Incineration. …
  • Incineration Pros. …
  • Incineration Cons. …
  • Composting. …
  • Composting Pros.
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What are the three methods for the disposal of solid waste?

Here are the methods of solid waste disposal and management:

  • Solid Waste Open Burning.
  • Sea dumping process.
  • Solid wastes sanitary landfills.
  • Incineration method.
  • Composting process.
  • Disposal by Ploughing into the fields.
  • Disposal by hog feeding.
  • Salvaging procedure.

Where does industrial waste come from quizlet?

Where does industrial waste come from? Factories, farms, mines, and refineries, as well as materials from construction sites.

What are the two primary means of waste disposal in the United States?

Those are the two primary means of waste disposal in the United States: landfill and incineration.

What is the purpose of a landfill quizlet?

What is a landfill? a place to dispose of refuse and other waste material by burying it and covering it over with soil, especially as a method of filling in or extending usable land. What is a sanitary landfill/municipal solid waste landfill?

What is a sanitary landfill quizlet?

Sanitary Landfill. A land site where solid waste is deposited, compacted, and covered with soil, designed for environmentally safe disposal of solid waste. Natural Resources. Materials that occur naturally, used to sustain life and produce goods.

How is landfill gas turned into electricity quizlet?

The decomposition of biomass by microorganisms at landfills produces methane, “landfill gas”. It taps into steam below ground. The steam turns a blade of a turbine, which makes a generator produce electricity. … The steam then rises to the power plant, where it turns the blades of a turbine.