You asked: Why do we need environmental compliance?

One of the most straightforward arguments for environmental compliance is that you have to do it; it’s the law. Regulatory bodies mandate and enforce the rules and regulations and failure to meet their regulatory requirements can lead to fines and prosecutions which can be costly.

Why is environmental compliance important?

Benefits of environmental compliance

Cost reduction becomes easier when you follow sustainable practices and reduce waste. A robust EHS system can help identify potential areas of improvement. Reduced carbon footprint: You can significantly decrease the carbon footprint by adopting sustainable business practices.

Why do we need environmental regulations?

Environmental regulation is necessary. It can prevent the worst excesses, and the existence of regulation and enforcement is itself an important deterrent. Environmental regulation has resulted in environmental improvements, but it sometimes does impose what could be perceived as excessive costs on businesses.

What is the purpose of environmental compliance plan?

Ensures Fairness and Strengthens the Credibility of Requirements: A consistent and effective compliance and enforcement program helps ensure that actors affected by environmental requirements are treated fairly.

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What is a positive effect of environmental compliance?

Increased economic efficiency and higher productivity as a result of modern technology and lower production and maintenance costs through cleaner water. Lower consumption of primary material as a result of a more efficient use and higher levels of reuse and recycling.

How do you ensure environmental compliance?

6 Best Ways to Ensure Environmental Compliance and Workplace Safety

  1. Train Thoroughly. …
  2. Review Past Mistakes. …
  3. Ensure Proper Communication. …
  4. Check Your Equipment. …
  5. Focus on Risk Management. …
  6. Coordinate with Professionals.

Why is it important for businesses to comply with environmental regulations?

Benefits for business

Environmental management not only benefits the environment, it can also be good for business through: cost savings – by spending less on raw materials, energy, water and waste management. … legal compliance – your business must meet certain environmental protection laws.

Who is responsible for environmental compliance?

Enforcing environmental laws is a central part of EPA’s Strategic Plan to protect human health and the environment. EPA works to ensure compliance with environmental requirements. When warranted, EPA will take civil or criminal enforcement action against violators of environmental laws.

Who needs an environmental compliance certificate?

Any project in the Philippines that poses a potential environmental risk or impact (such as mining, agriculture projects, and construction) is required to secure an Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC) from the Department of the Environment and Natural Resources – Environmental Management Board (DENR-EMB).

What is an environmental compliance program?

Environmental compliance means conforming to environmental laws, regulations, standards and other requirements such as site permits to operate. … Compliance with the above requirements and obligations, requires meeting certain conditions.

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Why Philippine laws on environmental protection are important?

According to Cali (2010), Laws on Environmental Protection are important since it has a significant effect on human health, well-being of humans, and to the ecosystem.

How does environmental protection help the economy?

The results of the study suggest that there are important opportunities for a transition to a green economy, that would create more social well-being, including better health, and more jobs and economic progress, while at the same time reducing environmental risks, such as the effects of air pollution, inappropriate …